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Designing A Black Berry Phone

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Posted 17 July 2011 - 11:52 AM

Stage 1 Phone Body
Launch fireworks and select your preferred screen size and resolution below is my preferred size and resolution.

Draw a Rectangle 1 with your preferred width and height mine was 307 x 439(i)
(i) Using the subselection tool shortcut (A) to select the top points of your rectangle and using path, under the edit points, select the fillet points tool with a value of 45 for both the left and right points of your rectangle.

(ii) Repeat the above steps for the bottom points of the rectangle but this time change the value of the fillet point to 70

Stage 2 Phone Screen
Draw rectangle 2 within rectangle 1 with size 280 x 243 using step (i) and (ii) set the fillet value of the top points to 20 and the bottom points to 60

Draw rectangle 3 which will be the main phone screen with a size of 254 x 153

Stage 3 Speakers and keys
Draw rectangle 4 and repeat step (ii) only with a fillet value of 10

Draw rectangle 4 with size 29 x 25 with a roundness value of 4 at the properties menu. Make a copy of rectangle 4 and name that rectangle C4 with a size of 35 x 30 and send behind rectangle 4 using the shortcut (Ctrl + Down).
Give rectangle 4 a Dark Chrome 004 effect from the style menu and give rectangle C4 a Chrome 021 effect with no fill, drop shadow off and line size 7

Logo and Keys

To create the Blackberry logo, draw a rectangle and use steps (i) for the extreme left two points of the rectangle to give it a curvy look. Once done make copies using the shortcut (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to paste copies) of your curved rectangle and arrange them to look like the Blackberry logo. When done with the arrangements, select the Distort tool by using the shortcut (Q) to tilt.

Use the scale tool to reduce the size of the Blackberry logo and use the line tool and oval shape tool to draw the power off and call buttons. For the Blackberry keys, draw a rectangle and use step (i) to curve the left top point and bottom right point of the rectangle. Once done, make copies and arrange them.
Stage 4 Numbering and Coloring
Number the keys using the text tool to give your phone the BlackBerry look

Give Rectangle 1 a dark chrome 010 effect from the style menu, give rectangle 2 a dark chrome 004 effect with line color #444444 to show its edges, give the keys a dark chrome 004 effect with line color #222222, give rectangle 3 a solid fill color #AAAAAA with line color #444444 make a copy with a fill solid fill color of #999966 and opacity set to 37. To give the screen a glassy effect, copy and paste rectangle two and reduce opacity to 15.
To create the back side of the phone, copy and paste rectangle 1 and use the doughnut shape to create a camera and place the Blackberry logo at the back.