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11 New Ideas for Fireworks CS 6

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Posted 08 June 2011 - 06:34 AM

  • Make it possible to lighten or darken a gradient fill in one step.
  • How about a better color mixer:
  • Convert to greyscale with identical luminosity and to any hue from greyscale
  • let the user pick two colors, and put them on a line, so values can be picked in between.
  • add the Kuler wheel to Fireworks
  • Number layers so that can tell which one is above/below on complicated documents.
  • have a display (tooltip?) that will easily and accessibly show the color, layer position, layer shared status, page, etc of any clicked on element.
  • Have the ability to select/individually unlock an individual element or elements. Unlock all is too much in most cases.
  • Be able to 'double lock' layers and/or elements. This way, if you are unlocking/locking on a regular basis, you can keep the 'double locked' ones out of the way.
  • improve the shared layers feature by making a shared layers palette, where they can be easily managed.
  • make the palette docking/resizing more user friendly: for instance, the symbol properties palette does not really belong with the properties palette, it is the wrong size, as it's too wide. often, when palettes are docked, and you just want one of them, you get seven or ten unwanted ones, and you can't get rid of them very easily. maybe there should be a palette management palette where you can organise them on the lines of iGoogle.

#2 John laPlante

John laPlante

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Posted 27 July 2011 - 11:14 AM

The shared layers concept indeed could be improved. I've come to use symbols more than shared layers because they are more flexible. But generally the pages concept in Fireworks could be improved. Shared layers and masters begin to make the pages fit into a cohesive document but underneath the hood, they seem like entirely separate documents. Some features that would be nice include:
1. Multiple masters.
2. Copy and Paste layers across pages (I wrote a script that does this but it is a bit of a hack).
3. A web layers that works the same as the other layers for sharing.
4. Adding richer support for frames and pages. It gets pretty confusing to use frames when a page is shared but frames are really useful for prototyping.

One thing I'd love in Fireworks is the ability to assign an ID an element like I can do with Flash. I'd like this for scripting in which case, I could refer to an element on a page and change it. The current model where scripting depends on the selection is crude. Imainge making a document that can be localized with a script or even a built in localization panel.